Symbology and the Masked Intuition of the Mind

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3 thoughts on “Symbology and the Masked Intuition of the Mind

  1. Fascinating. I read parts of this book years ago. The same is said of the ancient Indian sages as the indigenous Peruvians, except instead of psychoactive plants, they performed extensive yogic practices and answers arrived intuitively about many subjects: mathematics, physics, astronomy, etc. That makes me want to amp up my meditation practice:) Yes, it’s impossible to explain in a blog post (or book, probably!), but worth pondering. I’ll need to go back and read this one. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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    • You’re very welcome and thanks for your input! There are places all over the world that have experienced many of the same things through various means. It’s great to live in a world that has so many paths to get to the same place. There is really something for everyone, a path for every person.

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  2. “Maybe we do not need to send manufactured probes out into the reaches of space to learn more about the universe. Perhaps the real journey is the one sent inward to uncover what is not readily seen. It makes more sense than most realize, as we are made up of everything we see around us, and so to know ourselves on a molecular level is to know the physical universe.”

    Fascinating concept. Maybe this is our route to the akashic records; inward rather than outward. It brings to mind, the twentieth century psychic, Edgar Cayce’s ability to enter a trance like state and access the akashic records in order to “help people, especially children.” I am also recalling a recent tarot card pull which paired nature and meditation and feeling inspired to put these two to work.

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