Playlists for Writers

Music is a powerful tool in ones artistic vocation and life. There have been many instances where I heard a song, and suddenly saw an entire scene, story, or even novel in the case of Metanoia.

On this page I have gathered music that I use to help either induce, or foster writing. Over time, I will add songs to the playlists, and break them down further into scenes. So far, I have arranged the music into four categories: Thinking, Tension, Clandestine/Dark, and Positive Outlook/Buildup. You will notice that I use many of the same artists and soundtracks, and some songs may be in more than one playlist.

Thinking (No Words): This playlist is for those who find lyrics distracting while they’re trying to write. There is one song in this playlist by a band named Sigur Ros. For those of you who don’t know of this band, they use vocals in their songs but do not say actual words. I hope that anyone listening is able to find at least a few tracks that assist their writing process.


Tension: Most of these songs come from the Cloud Atlas soundtrack. I have personally been most productive while listening to these songs. Rather than helping me try to figure out what needs to be said as the previous soundtrack does, this playlist puts enough pressure on the current idea or scene so that the right words come forward.


Clandestine/Dark: This playlist is for when you’re introducing a dark topic or dark imagery. However, I included songs that can also be used for a serious atmosphere overall, regardless of whether or not it is dark.


Positive Outlook/Buildup: A contrast to the heavier moods portrayed in the previous playlist. After the conflict and destruction of your story, listen to these tracks to bring it home.


Let me know what you think and what songs you like to listen to while writing. Also inform me if you have any requests, I’ll do the best I can to meet them with my arsenal of music.