The Utility of Doubt, Lethargy, and Other Perceived Negatives

Lately I have had one subject come back to me repeatedly over the last few weeks. It came at the right time when I felt, and still feel like I have no time to accomplish my goals and dreams, that each minute not spent writing, or not looking for jobs in my field is time wasted, that every move I do not make is a step backward. What I’ve been shown through accounts that I follow and through the guidance of others are the necessary functions that doubt and inertia offer.

You may already be aware of these functions, or think they are obvious, but they easily go unnoticed despite their transparency. For example, there are instances where doubt is necessary to attain true confidence. When you experience doubt, you are asking the right questions, and taking the right initiatives. You are pushed to think about the things that need to be dealt with in order to achieve a goal. With this process of self checking and examination, you can eventually find yourself in a validated place. The same works for when you have writers block, or when you find that you can’t bring yourself to complete a task. When you experience one of these ruts, it is best not to fight against it. Stillness, meditation, and remaining quiet can birth ideas and action:

“Taking attention away from your goals brings you to a state of receptivity”                                                                                        -Wisdom of the Oracle

    Trust in the timing of your life is also necessary. There are going to be times of traffic and red lights, and times of green lights and accelerated lanes. Fighting against this natural flow that cannot be changed is exhausting, and a waste of effort.

It is also in this way that our perceived enemies become our allies. The more a negative force is applied, the more light that wants to shine through the fissures. I will soon be approaching a scene in my writing where I directly address this concept, using the example of a fallen angel and a guardian who become entangled in a dark dance. After the most intense suffering subjected to the guardian from the dark entity’s intent, the bringer of light calls out “How does it make you feel? That the more you exert your darkness onto me, the brighter my dim light shines in it’s shadow?”

So you see, if it was not for polarity, for the opposing forces you’re up against, your light would not shine as bright. Just remember that the next time you have someone or something giving you a hard time. The challenge is your chance to shine.

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4 thoughts on “The Utility of Doubt, Lethargy, and Other Perceived Negatives

    • Thank you for the input, and I’m glad it was helpful. I was hoping it would help people to not feel bad about feeling badly, if that makes any sense. Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down by the mere fact that things aren’t going so well, but it’s both unecessary and counterproductive.


  1. Love this!
    I do believe the universe is constantly giving us signs, showing us the way, if we are only receptive and aware enough to hear and see. I don’t know that I think doubt always contains the right questions. Sometimes we focus on the wrong questions and need to discover the newer ones that will lead us to answers that may answer the old questions by making us realize there are far more valuable questions to be answered. How’s that for a convoluted sentence.
    Thinking about that validated place…I wonder if it is self-validated, but not validated by even one other, if we can still sit with that self-validation and know it is good.
    I had a friend once who told me, in an odd and humorous analogy that when the house blows up if you just sit and watch rather than give in to frantic action, the bricks may just come back out of the sky in exactly the right places that they need to go, rebuilding the foundation perhaps even stronger – with some structural improvements.
    I love the light and shadow concept and look forward to reading this in your book

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