The Illusion of Separation

   As someone who has a background in biology and chemistry, I’ve had the opportunity to come to a fundamental understanding of our living world. Depending on the person, this can lead to an increased awareness of self, and awareness of their actions for those who are willing to fully grasp the meaning behind the facts. Suddenly, there are greater implications with nutrition, for what we put into our bodies to generate our physical makeup. Some also become more aware of the extent to which their actions effect the world around them. The concept of what it means to be connected to the environment becomes intensified, and one comes to understand that the “connection” science mentions penetrates far deeper than the thin, branching lines of a phylogenetic tree.

   Let me take a moment to explain who I am. I am a person who believes that we live in a divine cosmos. I believe that the human race has amnesia, and that someone or something is taking advantage of that for profit and power. I’ve made a choice to be here as a participant in the rise of consciousness, the volunteer souls who came to be apart of the journey and assist in our human ascension. What I want to ultimately convey here is the true concept of interconnectedness. It is not that you are connected to the plants, animals, and rocks, it is that you are the plants, animals, and rocks expressed in a different, unique way. We are all different expressions of organized matter, the same matter, either through  physical laws of chemistry, or through the detailed recipe book of DNA. It is in this complex, yet simple manner that everything you see or touch is your brother or sister.

As scientists, and a newly educated public, we know this, but have we fully grasped the implications of it?


One important distinction that may take some initial mental dexterity is that “the environment”, the thing we’ve externalized and identified as something that operates as a closed system outside of ourselves, includes your very own flesh and bone. Your body is the environment. You, your consciousness, is merely borrowing it for a short while. The air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat eventually becomes the building blocks of your body in a continual exchange of atoms. Every atom comes from Earth, and from the cosmos. This connection is not merely a thin string that ties you to something, it is the inherent design which reveals that all separation is an illusion.

For a passerby taking a minute to read about this concept, it is extremely easy to go back to living in the disconnected life we’ve made for ourselves. The illusion of separation is enhanced by the thin walls of our dwelling. It’s enhanced by 7 billion other people who are convinced in the illusion and uphold it. It is true that we’re all experiencing individuality, and there is a deep lesson to be had in that. Individuality is not a bad thing. The problem only occurs when the reality of our union becomes obscured and we become apathetic and disconnected. Perhaps the lesson lies in learning how to not subject power on one another once in a convincing state of separation.

 I long for humanity to redefine “human” as an intrinsic aspect of planet Earth, and not some deity free from the natural cycles or from the consequences of their choices.


   This post has the potential to develop into a series encompassing several branching tangents of thought. There are so many avenues that can be explored with this rudimentary concept. Some of these ideas that I’m thinking about delving into include the efficacy of herbal medicine/holistic lifestyle, why or how humans have severed their connection with one another and the Earth, and our society’s reluctance to say “I love you”.

Share your input, questions, and thoughts with me! The right comment might just help me develop the next train of thought.

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Where Do We End and Where Do We Begin?

It is a Thursday afternoon, at the beginning of my Environmental Biology class, and we are shown something I’ve seen more times than I can count: a picture of the history of our planet compiled into the 24 hour day on Earth.

From midnight to 3am there is nothing but the bombardment of meteorites. At hour 4, there is a glimpse of the first moments of what we currently consider to be life. From 6am to 1pm is nothing but the formation of iron, and the eventual accumulation of oxygen. Single celled algae is present and sexual reproduction begins. Cascading through the rest of the evening hours is the appearance of seaweeds, jellyfish, trilobites, land plants, the formation of coal swamps, dinosaurs, and eventually mammals, all leading to the emergence of Humans at 11:58:43 pm.

This mere minute is obnoxiously emphasized in any science class I’ve ever taken, a token of our severe insignificance in the midst of everything around and beyond us.

My mind drifts, as it always has, as a result of my contrasting perspective of science which peers through a lens of poetry rather than one of facts and knowledge. I am reminded of a quote by Nisargadatta Maharaj, which states “Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and in between the two my life moves”.

From the observations I’ve made repeatedly in my science classes, it seems that the world I am living in knows a great deal about this statement “I am nothing”. Could this be a time of wisdom, amongst other things? Wisdom brought on by a wealth of knowledge thanks to science, a reliable, enlightened way to understand our world?

Come to think of it, “I am everything”  is not completely left out of our technical understanding of the universe either. The case in point: Star dust.

Delving into the inner world, we are able to see that everything within is also everything without, merely organized in a different way to house the existence we know. It is one of many parallels that can be found between science and spirituality, or philosophy.

Since the dawn of their existence, humans have been intertwined with the exploration of the inner world versus their outer world, and as time passes, confusion of where to draw the line between the two is furthered.