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  1. Kerry, I like the layout of your site. Very clean. I haven’t had the time to comb through your posts, but I look forward to it nonetheless. I have a couple of questions related to your site whenever you get the time. First: your ‘follow me on twitter’ bar is sick, and I would love something like that for my site, is it an add on? Second: Great header, the way it fades is super fancy. Stay awesome, and thanks in advance.

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    • Thank you!!! I’ve never had someone give me feedback on that before. I appreciate it =). I find a lot of blogs distracting and hard to navigate so I guess this is just how it should look to me. WordPress has a widget for the twitter feed and it’s super easy to use. I like this about WordPress despite its drawbacks. Also, would love to answer your questions, although I’m definitely not a pro at website design, WordPress just has lovely templates.

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      • Excellent, my site’s theme is run by WordPress so I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for the Follow! Another question, where do you find your pictures? I know there’s a correlation between good pictures and more views, but finding pictures that fit my message is a bit of a crap shoot since I usually just google my post title or some derivation. Feel free to let me know when I’m getting bothersome.

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      • I find my pictures on pinterest, often giving credit at the end of my posts to the artist. I also use this link for free images: https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/299457. It used to not be a slideshow but now everyone is making their content in that format to make more money off of ads and its a pain in the ass. Also, here is my pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/numerologyfiend/. It is not bothersome at all, as the whole point of a blog is the ability to interact with others =). However, if it takes me a while to respond it is because I work constantly and have incessant responsibilities.


      • SAME. 50-60 hours at work a week, two online classes, a wife and daughter. Fiction Friday’s, and a blog post on Mondays. I don’t sleep a whole lot. And all this networking is EXHAUSTING for an introvert like myself. Your demeanor is making this experience very pleasant. Go you.

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      • I think it was one of the fiction writing groups I’m in. I’m trying to network in so many different places all the time that I can’t really remember. Maybe someone RTed you that I follow? I’m just looking to expand readers and gather like minded writers to learn from and share through. Know what I mean?

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