Sweet Potato Egg Boat: A Review

Here at Metanoia headquarters, we discuss many heavy topics (by “we” I mean a pale girl working in her basement and a scruffy terrier at her feet). It is because of this I decided it was time to take a short break from the intensity, and let loose with something less serious. However, we still like to keep it genuine here, and nothing in my opinion is more authentic than a delectable sweet potato housing a baked egg, covered in creamy avocado sauce.

— Click here for the recipe —

I found this recipe on Pinterest, from a blog called The Healthy Maven.  For an overall rating, I’d give this creation four stars. Its simple, affordable, easy to prepare, and even has an interesting story behind it (someone only had these ingredients in her fridge and figured out that she could just combine them all with the help of her friend).

What you need:

 sweet potatoes, cumin, egg, avocado, lime, garlic, salt and bacon (not shown here):


If you’re trying to go vegetarian like me, it tastes just as good without the bacon, but I’m sure it adds a heavenly dimension to you meat lovers out there, so have at it.

A few suggestions:

1. Hold off on the lime juice. The directions call for one whole lime, but I think it would make due with just half, as I found the citrus masked the avocado a little too heavily for my liking.

2. I may be the only person who has this issue, but when I cook potatoes in foil, it takes them nearly two hours at 425º to be done. If you also have this problem, try baking the potatoes without the foil, or only slightly covered so they come out nice and fluffy.

3. This tastes great with beer (but what doesn’t?)



(Please excuse my amateur presentation and insufficient cream dribbling)

Well, that’ll be it for a while as far as casual blog posts go. I’ll be on the look out for more ideas like this one for the future. If you tried this, let me know what you thought about it.

From headquarters: we thank you!



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