Shore Stories

Almost amazed that I’ve come across a post like this, the connection I have to it is eery. Very moving and well written.

Walls of the Underground

She turned on the corner and felt the sand on her feet. She found the moment in which nothing around her moved but the sea. She was alone and she was going to be alone forever. She laid on the beach and let the sun burned what was left of her disgust, hatred, and sin. She was never going back. A year had passed, ten years had passed, and at that moment, she finally came to peace with being stuck without a mirror forever.

When she woke up, half of her body hurt with the taste of salt. She sighed and looked around the waving motions, the almost clear day, the wind caressed her only so very lightly, and once again, with nothing to do, her thoughts went to where they had never been in a long, long time.

Back wherever, she always wanted to write. Not to be read…

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