Our Flaws Are Symptoms of What Makes Us Good People

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To some, this will sound obvious, but I think it is still easily forgotten, and thus worth pointing out.

We tend to focus on the imperfections in ourselves and in our surroundings. Its not necessarily a bad thing. As humans, we naturally want to improve what we can. But there’s something I’ve noticed about flaws, particularly with people, that I have found worth noting.

It is that our weaknesses seem to have a correlation with the type of positive attributes one has.

At first it is not difficult to understand, and even well known. We have all  known the quiet child, whose way of looking inward both served as socially incapacitating, but also the trait that allowed them to notice things others didn’t, or to think before reacting impulsively.

Knowing this has made me wonder about other possible traits that aren’t so obvious, expressing themselves either positively or negatively within a person. After all, we are all a conglomerate of attributes, a heterogenous mixture, rather than making up wholly of one thing.

What if low self esteem meant that a person could have higher empathy? Is there a reason someone might be more or less sensitive? Why does someone do well in Math but not History? Is what makes us good at one thing, actually inhibit our ability in something else?

I believe this view, which seems to hold at least some truth, could possibly alleviate some of or frustrations with not owning up to all that we want to be, or all that is asked of us. Instead of striving for perfection, we could all take some comfort in knowing that we are not devoid of a skill, but rather predisposed in something else.

So, what if you knew that your flaws were linked to the quirks you loved about yourself. Would it change anything?


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